Scopri i prodotti
Scopri i prodotti
Scopri i prodotti

The races: our experience starts from there ...

The track, the races and the passion to continuously improve.

Only by experiencing all the racing situations on your own skin can you give effective answers and find new solutions : this is what we do here at 8.1 in a continuous dialogue between research and experimentation .

Not being satisfied is our imperative. Over ten years of experience in competitions has always pushed us in the production and sale of top components for small displacement two-wheelers . Specific problems and the desire to reach new levels of performance have spurred us to design ever better and sometimes innovative components and parts for motorcycles , including thermal unit, crankshafts, crankcase and many others.

From our numerous race wins and from those of our customers we have had confirmation that the creative process points in the right direction. In this way, the direct line between theoretical design, creation of the object and testing on the track is kept alive , a glorious triad that has been the basis of many excellences of the Italian industry and beyond.


CNC machining from solid

Matter is the starting point with its compactness , its resistance and its qualities . The design process thus becomes a synthesis between the material itself and the design . The geometries of the project are combined with the mechanical characteristics of the metal to give life to details that are not only extremely functional, but also aesthetically appealing . The perfect surfaces and the sharp and precise couplings allow to obtain greater performances and make them constant over time , determining factors in racing use and not only.

In fact, reliability is a fundamental component also on the road. To give life to this creed, we have necessarily gone through CNC machining which concretizes our "must" and allows us to achieve unmatched precision even where many believe it is superfluous. We seek perfection in every millimeter and the answers to all of this are under your eyes.

Our products immediately conquer you for their effectiveness and elegance that reveal our tension towards the absolute. From wheel hubs, to brake calipers to complete engines, our commitment is maximum and even if perfection remains a chimera, here at 8.1, we are convinced that pursuing it is our duty and pleasure.