Ottopuntouno: reference brand for the production and sale of components and parts for scooters

Ottopuntouno Srl is a company based in Fiorenzuola d'Arda , in the province of Piacenza , born in 2014 from the passion for two-stroke engines.

We are, in fact, specialized in the production and sale of components for scooters and racing motorcycles .

Thanks to over ten years of experience on the slopes and in competitions and the constant commitment we employ in our work, we have been able to grow and mature over time, always ensuring our customers modern and innovative products.

Our desire is, in fact, to supply top-level components in the world of racing for small and medium-sized half-two-strokes , but not only. To satisfy our customers as much as possible, we also take care of production for the reference road market.

We deal with all kinds of components and motorcycle parts, including brakes, engine casings, thermal units, mufflers and much more.

In addition, we also offer our customers track clothing and Ottopuntouno branded merchandising.

If you are looking for a company that can offer you all the parts and every component to refurbish your racing bike, you are in the right place. Visit our website to discover all our products and contact us to request more information.


Our experience at the service of the two-wheeled world

Strengthened by decades of racing experience , Ottopuntouno tries to give an answer to all those people who are looking for "that little bit more" for their racing vehicles, especially in the scooter sector.

Thanks to the detailed knowledge of all the issues arising from a competitive approach , we have developed a series of products that have rewarded our efforts and the trust of our customers.

Our complete engines, braking systems, chassis parts and all our individual components are the result of a very accurate design that molds, with CNC machines , the best metals on the market , guaranteeing results with high quality and aesthetic standards.

Our goal is not only to ensure our customers a wide range of products , but also that they are of the highest quality and have a good aesthetic impact . High performance and unique design come together to create components for your two-wheeled vehicle, able to face the most difficult competitions and races without ever disappointing you.

Our motorcycle parts are therefore the result of a long experience not only in the production of components, but also in the realm of racing. Precisely for this reason they are reliable products , made taking into account the particular needs of the two-stroke vehicles used on the track.

Contact us now to request more detailed information on our products. Our staff is at your disposal to advise you on the solution that best suits your needs and the characteristics of your scooter or motorcycle.