Design and production of special custom components

Many of those who enter the world of competitions know that the challenge, even before others, is with oneself .

This is precisely the stimulus that inspires us every day to continually improve , never to be satisfied and find a defect even when a detail seems perfect.

Precisely for this reason, we constantly study in an extremely meticulous way all the components and accessories of racing scooters and motorcycles, looking for every possible defect or margin for improvement , with the ultimate aim of designing and developing products with high quality standards and in able to be superior to those already on the market.

Passion has always been the stimulus to pursue our goals, the desire to go further has guided us every day in search of something that did not exist until that moment and that has allowed us, sometimes, to find new and innovative solutions.

Thanks to our passion and dedication, we are today a real point of reference for the design and production of customized components for scooters and track bikes , from mechanical parts to brakes, up to engine elements and accessories.

If you are looking for a company able not only to produce, but also to deal with the design of components for scooters and motorcycles for competitions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Some examples of the results of our work

Our work and constant commitment to the development of innovative products has allowed us to be the first in the world to introduce liquid cooling for the crank chamber of scooter crankcases .

Another revolutionary project , which concerns the gearbox for the scooter casing , has allowed us to completely overturn the assembly logic of the box itself. The extraction of the gears takes place , in fact, from the wheel part and not from the inside of the arm-casing, this allows an intervention on the ratios even with the transmission casing closed .

These are just some examples of how our constant search for improvement has led us to achieve important results, which can really make a difference during a competition .

Contact us now to request more details about our products, we are available to provide you with all the necessary information.