Manufacturer of mechanical parts for scooters and motorcycles Made in Italy

Ottopuntouno is a manufacturer of mechanical parts for scooters and motorcycles Made in Italy . For us, “Made in Italy” has always been a fixed point , an undisputed belief on which we constantly focus.

Why is it so important to us? First of all because the Italian Tradition guarantees us a whole series of professional skills that have developed over very long periods and that have been able to gradually settle and improve . In fact, the entire production includes the knowledge of specific companies and technologies that have long been part of our national heritage. Secondly, because within the Italian territory there are areas that excel in particular in the automotive field , such as Emilia , where our headquarters is located.

For all our components, be it the crankcase, the brake or the muffler, we guarantee high quality and high resistance products.

If you are looking for a company specialized in the production and sale of mechanical parts for Made in Italy motorcycles, please contact us.


We are in the land of motors

Ottopuntouno not only guarantees a Made in Italy product, but a product made in the land of motors par excellence , Emilia-Romagna , known throughout the world for its automotive and motorcycle brands.

It is precisely in this land of undisputed primates that a know-how has been consolidated over time that allows us to have particular care and attention regarding the production and all phases of the processing of our pieces.

First-level staff assembles all the components produced in CNC by hand , guaranteeing attention and maniacal precision.

Relying on us therefore means trusting a reality not only with great experience behind it, but which has the good fortune of being located in an area where it has the opportunity to continuously deal with the major motorcycle manufacturers and to stay up to date on news. Contact us now to request more information.